About this site

Here you will find more than 8000 lute pieces (60,000 files) in French tablature in the following formats: fronimo (ft3), from , midi, TAB, and PDF (which you can read using Acrobat Reader). (Why the different formats?).&. I apologize to those who prefer other formats, such as Spanish or Italian, but I believe French is the most widely used format, though it is easy to change in fronimo to another format -- even German tab (not that anyone would really want to do this!). These pieces are mostly for renaissance lute, but quite a few are for baroque lute and archlute, and a very few for theorbo, cittern, bandora, guitar etc. Other pieces include songs and continuo pieces, listed by composer. Under Lute ensemble in the list of composers, you will find pieces for two or more lutes. The latest fronimo files (since December, 2015) were created with a new version of Fronimo, obtainable now at the fronimo website.