Contributions Welcome!

If anyone wants to contribute stuff to my site, I now have an ftp directory dedicated to lute:

user: u47483830-lute
password: francesco

Please feel free to upload anything you think might be of use.  If you can, please include info about intabulators (is it intabulate or entabulate?), editors, and original sources.  Preferred format (in order of preference):

1.     Fronimo 3 files.

2.     Fronimo 2 or earlier files.

3.     Other tab program files (such as Tab or Django).

Bitmap files (tiff, bmp, jpg, etc.):

4.     Mensural notation + tab files

5.     Mensural notation files

6.     Tab only files in order of preference:

a.      French

b.     Spanish or guitar tab

c.      Italian

d.     German or Neapolitan

Midi files are welcome, especially when accompanied by mensural or tab versions.  Anything you can share will be much appreciated!