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Lute Links

Cambridge Digital Library has recently put online high quality color facsimiles of many of the lute MSS contained in the Cambridge University Library,

Eric Crouch's "Guitar Loot" site contains free tab and mensural  arrangements of lute pieces, in the grand tradition of looting the treasures of early music.

Alain Veylit's lute site contains some editions and facsimiles of lute music, though it is now more devoted to development of a new "Fandango" tab typesetting development.

Julia Craig-McFeely's Oxford thesis is a valuable source of information about the contents of English lute MSS.

The Fronimo Yahoo group is a valuable source of information about the fronimo tablature editor and also contains a great quantity of encoded lute music.

John Huffman, lute maker's "Music in Wood" site. He is starting up his lute making business.

Alexander Keliris had created a site with a simple means of searching my website.

Peter Steur and Markus Lutz have a wonderful website with an inventory of a large number of lute manuscripts, with incipits and concordances for each piece. In many cases, this site also contains links to downloadable online facsimiles.

Alberto Ghioldi has a website, consisting of transcriptions for guitar of Renaissance and Baroque lute music.